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Michelle Lindfors

Welcome to Composition and Literature.  A student asked me at the beginning of the year why it is that we read.  Good question!  American author David Foster Wallace, who died in September of 2008, once said that great literature made him feel unalone--intellectually, emotionally, spiritually.  So one reason why we read literature is to feel connected to our fellow humans, often across centuries and continents.  We read to understand ourselves and our place in the world.  I trust that our literary journeys this year in English will live up to this promise.

Other aspects of language arts--writing, listening, and speaking--will naturally grow out of our reading of literature.  We will learn to express ourselves in writing and speaking with greater precision, thoughtfulness, and nuance, and we will become more attentive listeners to each other.

Our course will address all of the California state academic content standards for English language arts.  You can see a complete list of our standards at